The Greatest Christmas Carols

5.12.2021  kl.16 Tikkurilan kirkko Asematie 12a, 01300 Vantaa

Join us and sing The Greatest Christmas Carols at Tikkurila Church with Furaha choir and Fiona Chow . To participate this event you need a valid covid-19 passport in accordance with a decision by the regional state administrative agency.

The Greatest Christmas Carols – Welcomes you to sing!

Tikkurila parish and the Swedish parish of Vantaa warmly welcomes you to sing our most beloved Christmas carols and do good to others. Sing along with Fiona Chow and Furaha choir at Tikkurila Church. While you’re singing yourself into the Christmas spirit, you’ll have a chance to donate to the work of Felm.

The Greatest Christmas Carols campain supports the education, health care and safety of the most vulnerable children in developing countries, and improves the situation of girls, the disabled and children from discriminated minorities in more than 20 countries. Thank you for your support.

Afterwards we gather together to eat. You may contribute by bringing some food to share at the common table, if you wish.

Free of charge. We strongly recommed to use mask in musical events and other gatherings.  

De vackraste julsångerna ljuder för världens barn. ❤ Glöm inte bort att ta med kollektpengar! Du kan också ge en gåva redan idag.

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